Last week whenever I walked through my dining room, I saw this: and I would feel a wave of anxiety wash over me. Even though he’s been gone before, and even though he’s been gone for this long before, I was so scared to have him go this time. As that amalgamated pile of kit, … Read more Plans


This year, at the Chateau de Funky Kitchen, Mr and I planted our first garden. He’s been involved with gardens before, as have I, but this one was the first one that we were solely responsible for nurturing.  For the most part, it went well; the tomatoes grew like crazy, as did our peppers. The … Read more Green

Pantry Staples

What staples do you have in your pantry no matter what? What key things are in your fridge that you could not do without? What is that ingredient in your kitchen that makes appearances so often it’s ubiquitous? I have a new favorite pantry staple, it’s bringing an additional depth of flavor to a surprising … Read more Pantry Staples