Little Pots of Sunshine

Wee little jars of jam are really adorable, it’s true.

But when you make a jam and it doesn’t set, and then you need to reprocess the whole lot, those wee little jars make for a lot of dishes and resterilizing to do. Oi vey. Luckily, after adding a little extra pectin, and bringing the whole mess back up to 225° F (that’s thread stage for those of you brave souls who can do this without a thermometer) my little wee jars were filled with pretty pink watermelon jam. Slathered on an English muffin with some cream cheese, or ever so delicately licked off of the butter knife used to spread it on said English muffin, this cheerful preserve tastes like sunshine.

It’s so cheerful it almost glows.

Watermelon Jam

(recipe adapted from Anna at Blondie’s Cakes & Things)

6 Cups pureed watermelon (seeds removed) 4 Cups sugar 1/2 Cup lime juice 1 packet powdered pectin (60 grams)


  • In a large, non-reactive pot, mix together the watermelon puree, sugar and lime juice.
  • Bring the contents of the pot to a boil, and allow to boil with vigor until the mixture reaches 225° F, or thread stage.
  • Stir in the powdered pectin and continue to boil the jam for an additional 5 minutes.
  • Seal in sterilized jars.
 On my first try, this jam did not gel at all. It made a really lovely tasting sauce, Mr suggested it be left as it was and spooned over ice cream. I really wanted this recipe to be what it was: jam, not sauce. After reprocessing, adding an additional half packet of pectin, and cooking it all to a slightly higher temperature than called for in the original recipe (220° F), the jam jelled, but perhaps a little more than was necessary. This is why, in the recipe as I posted it, I call for the 60 grams of pectin rather than the 90 that I used. Recooking the jam was probably enough to have it set, without adding the extra pectin, but I went a little bit overboard.
Watermelon Jam

The jam you get from a watermelon is pretty unique. It is definitely intensely watermelon flavored, it isn’t a jam where you know it’s fruit but can’t put your finger on what. Imagine a watermelon Jolly Rancher, if you’re familiar with them. Definitely a fun and funky preserve. Right now, I’m envisioning making jambuster donuts with watermelon jam as the filling. Dreamy idea, isn’t it?

Mr says: Watermelon jam is delicious. This time last year: Rye Bread with Dill and Cottage Cheese And the year before: Pumpkin Seeds It’s Halloween tomorrow, so I hope you all have your costumes ready, that you saved your pumpkin seeds for roasting, and that you get not too many tricks and just enough treats!

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