Fun with Panini

Last post I promised a recipe that wasn’t for baked goods, and I’m sorry it’s been so long. A combination of a sore tummy and end of term, it’s taken me longer to have a recipe using the onion marmalade, that I have taken pictures of, than I thought it would.

I don’t know if I can really call this a recipe; do sandwiches have recipes? All I did was go through the fridge and find things I wanted to go into the sandwich, put it together, and put it in the panini press. The combination was truly fantastic though, so I suppose it warrants a recipe.

Panini presses are so much fun to use!

As a note on making panini: you can see in the pictures that there are two layers of cheese, both next to the pieces of bread (or in this case, triangular bun). Why? The cheese melts in the panini press and acts as the glue that holds your scrumptious panini together, of course!

What if you don’t have a panini press at your perusal? Do you have two pans (or even better, a grill pan and a pan)? Prepare the panini as per the recipe, and then place on the hot pan (like making grilled cheese) and then weigh it down with the second pan. After it browns on the bottom, flip the panini and repeat the process. If you are using a grill pan as the hot bottom pan of course, you will even get the panini grill marks, without having to purchase a panini press!

Chicken and Pepper Panini


Bread of choice (in my case, 9 grain triangle bun)

Cheddar cheese, sliced thin (enough to cover both sides of the bun with a thin layer)

1/4 of a red bell pepper, sliced thin

1 Tbsp onion marmalade

salt and pepper to taste

Chicken (mine was off of leftover drumsticks, but you could definitely use deli chicken as well)

  • Plug in the panini press and let it warm.
  • Cut your bun in half.
  • Cover both sides of the bun with a thin layer of cheddar cheese.
  • Cover one side of the bun with red pepper slices, spread onion marmalade (as evenly as you can) on the other side of the bun.
  • Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the red pepper slices.
  • Add the broken up chicken to the sandwich.
  • Put the two pieces of bun together, like a sandwich, and place in the panini press.
  • Wait a few minutes, for the signature marks to form; the longer you leave it in the crunchier it will get.
  • Remove from press, cut panini in half, and enjoy!

You may notice that my panini did not get the dark stripes that panini usually have, this is in part due to the crusty bun being not prone to browning, and also because I didn’t leave it in the press very long, just enough to melt the cheese and get the bun a little crunchy. I have issues with bread that is too toasty, so panini I make for myself rarely get the regular brown marks, leave it in longer than the short time that I did, and the grill marks will come in.

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